Co-creator of the All Brand New DISRUPTO SUPERHERO series debuting DISRUPTO, a superhero on a mission to fight conformity. The series takes place in an imaginary world called Creatureland; which reflects today’s world, but all characters are creatures.

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United Imagination

“I create interactive art installations from photographs I take in nature as part of my United Imagination project. My mission is to encourage imaginative exploration as a method of wellness and healing.  In each installation, I capture a curious situation in nature and then add an imaginary element.  It is designed for observers to add and erase their own imaginary ideas, opening their minds to experiencing the joy and healing power of creative self-expression.”

learn more at www.unitedimagination.net

scuba ond scubo by adam joanh

Scuba Ond Scubo

published, Summer 2016

art and philosophy book exploring

the meaning behind opposites through

philosophical musings and quirky illustrations

read Scuba Ond Scubo HERE

i rub my belly

book in production 

a whimsical exploration of






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