Adam Jonah Headshot 2018.jpeg

"Charm, warmth, and openness are the words that come to mind when viewing Adam Jonah's seductive images. He has a wish and a need to communicate with his audience. Jonah questions convention without anger. He celebrates life and nature by creating imaginary creatures that are part animal and part plant. By layering his images, he adds subtlety and complexity. Adam Jonah's work is also full of hope. This young artist--Jonah is 22 years old--is committed to the idea of combining art with community service. With his United Imagination project, whenever Jonah sells one of his creations he also donates a piece to a charitable organization serving their community. 'With my art,' he says, 'I aspire to give something back and share my own sense of wonder and awe.' "

-The Editors of The Southampton Review literary art journal